How to Apply for Vietnam Visa in Africa

Citizens living in African countries have two ways to apply for their visa to Vietnam.

    • Contact the nearest Vietnam Embassy to apply You need to come in person or send your passport via post ; OR
    • Apply for Vietnam visa on arrival online You apply online and get your visa stamp at airports in Vietnam. . – applicable for air-travelers only

Applicants may choose one of the two option above to apply their visa to Vietnam. Typically, the cost for applying visa at Vietnam embassies might be lower than using service at However, currently there are only two African countries that have Vietnam Embassies: in Morocco and Algeria. Therefore, your visa application at the embassies might take extra time and costs (for transportation and such) aside from the cost charged by the embassies.

Using visa on arrival at could help you save the time and extra costs that could arise as mentioned above because you only need to pay a fixed amount of service fee and stamping fee. Please check the list of supported nationalities here to see if our service is available for your nationality.



  • is a commercial website providing visa on arrival service, not the official website of the Government
  • The cost for applying visa at Vietnam embassies might be lower than using service at
  • Our service is to submit your visa application to Vietnam Immigration Department on your behalf, as visa application from individuals is not accepted by the Department

Supported Nationalities

Those that have nationalities as listed below could follow the procedure presented here at to apply for visa on arrival to Vietnam.

Nepal Bahrain Algeria Oman Guinea
Jordan Morocco Yemen Tunisia Kenya
Libya Kuwait Malawi Rwanda Jamaica
Qatar Lebanon Somali Sudan Uganda
Botswana Liberia Bhutan Mali Senegal
Papua New Guinea Trinidad & Tobago

*Note: If you are of other nationalities and currently staying in one of these countries (for example, you are British and currently living in Kenya), please email our Visa Support Team at [email protected] or directly contact us via hotline/ chat to have detailed instructions.

What our service is?

The service fee charged at our website is the fee you paid to us for assisting you in the visa application procedure by doing:

  • Checking your application to make sure all the documents are eligible and all the information are correct
  • Contacting the Vietnam Immigration Department (located in Vietnam) and submitting your visa application package. *Please note that the Immigration Department does not accept visa application from individuals – only from licensed travel organizations in Vietnam.
  • Following all procedures pursuant to the regulations of the Immigration Department to receive visa approval letters issued for your application
  • Sending you a color scan of your visa approval letter via email after 03 working days

Please prepare the required documents listed below to process your Vietnam visa application.

Following documents are required for online visa application at

  • Visa application form (which can be downloaded here in .doc format to be filled out)
  • Scan of original passport
  • Scan of return flight ticket
  • Scan of Vietnam accommodation voucher (hotel booking voucher)

How much does Visa on Arrival Cost

Visa type Processing time
(working days)
Service fee
Stamping fee
1 month single entry       3 100 25
1 month multiple entry     3 100 50
3 month single entry    3 130 25
3 month multiple entry     3 130 50
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Vietnam visa service fee is directly paid to for working as a bridge between you and the Vietnam Immigration Department to check your information and return the visa approval letter to your registered email.
Vietnam visa stamping fee is directly paid to the Immigration Officer at the Check-in Counter at the arrival airport in Vietnam to get visa stamped onto your passport. This fee is compulsory for all those who use visa on arrival to enter Vietnam.